Ab.Acus is a high-tech company whose mission is translating scientific research into innovative tools making mainstream technologies serving healthcare while reducing its costs. Ab.Acus is deploying pioneering solutions in the field of digital biomarkers, telerehabilitation, home care monitoring, and digital therapeutics.

Ab.Acus innovation strategy is rooted in the decreasing cost of consumer electronics and the parallel increasing breadth of availability of powerful, always connected devices in everyone’s every-day life.

Ab.Acus is qualified as “PMI Innovativa” (Innovative SME) by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development since 2020.

Ab.Acus has a wide expertise in the design, development and deploying of digital solutions exploiting wearable sensors and mobile applications for the monitoring of motion and behavior in laboratory as well as everyday life. Ab.Acus solutions have also recently be exploited to setup an effective preventive approach providing highly personalised risk scores in collaboration with AI experts.


R&D engineer and software developer
Graduating cum laude in Biomedical Engineering in April 2021, with a focus on electronics, sensors, biosignal processing, machine learning, and medical imaging. Over the past two years, she has served as a researcher and mobile developer, accumulating substantial experience in digital phenotyping. A dedicated team player with a fervent enthusiasm for technology and innovation, especially within the life sciences sector.


R&D Director
As a co-founder and R&D Director at Ab.Acus since 2006, she brings a strong background in electronic engineering. Since 1995, she has led R&I management efforts for research centers, clinical facilities, and private enterprises, gaining experience across both large corporations and SMEs in innovation management.

Her managerial skills have been honed through coordinating international research consortia, including European-funded projects. With expertise in technological scouting and R&I project design, particularly in the healthcare sector, she has overseen numerous European-funded projects as coordinator or principal investigator. Her technical proficiency encompasses the design and development of innovative solutions and software applications. Within Ab.Acus, my focus lies on service robotics, digital and connected health, and scientific and diagnostic instrumentation management from an R&I perspective.

La Gamba

As a biomedical engineer, she works as a researcher and software developer. Over the past year, she has actively participated in R&D activities for various European projects in the digital health sector. Her primary focus has been on co-creation methodologies and enhancing user experience. In her role, she prioritizes involving end users in the technological development process to ensure that their needs are not only met but also prioritized. This approach fosters accessibility and usability in digital health solutions.


Biomedical engineer, recently graduated from the Politecnico di Milano. Since his first work experience he developed an avid curiosity and I am an eager learner. I am at the core a creative person, but my background helped me develop a sound logical approach to technical problems. These two aspects sinergically combine, giving me solid problem solving capabilities. I also have some previous experiences in analysing data, which I intend to use to meaningfully contribute to the STAGE project.


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