Tor Vergata University of Rome (UTOV) is a dynamic research-focused institution located in southeastern Rome. It comprises six schools covering various disciplines: Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Economics, Law, Humanities, Engineering, and Medicine and Surgery with its affiliated Hospital.

From 2011 to 2020, the University forged 4,785 international collaborations across all continents, resulting in 25,572 co-authored publications. Recognized as one of the most successful young universities by Nature, UTOV attracts talent and elevates standards through research excellence and international partnerships.

The Department of Economics and Finance (DEF) is a leading research hub in Italy, focusing on econometrics, causal inference, theoretical, and health economics. It has received funding as a Department of Excellence for 2023-2027.


Assistant professor of Economics
His research interests encompass health economics, applied econometrics, microsimulation, and, more recently, the exposome.

Currently, he is actively engaged in several EU-funded projects, including LongITools, STAGE, and Obelisk. These projects cover a diverse array of topics, ranging from digital prevention to inclusive and sustainable growth. They all share a common goal of utilising high-quality data and innovative analysis tools to facilitate research and policy evaluation.

Additionally, he has contributed to international projects such as the pilot OECD-Schaeffer-CEIS Future Elderly Model (Global FEM) developed at the OECD. Furthermore, he has collaborated on research examining the psychological consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic with institutions including the University of Milano Bicocca, ISI Foundation, and One Health Centre of Excellence, University of Florida. These experiences have reinforced his dedication to addressing urgent global health challenges and have resulted in numerous peer-reviewed publications.


Junior Assistant Professor in Economics

She earned her PhD in Economics, Law, and Institution from Tor Vergata University in 2017, with a thesis in applied economics. Her research focused on studying behavioural spillovers in (experimental) networks and the determinants of individual positioning in (friendship) networks.

During her post-doctoral years at LUISS University, her research centered around behavioral and experimental studies examining how information, institutional settings, and policies influence cooperation and unethical behaviors.

Since 2019, her focus has transitioned to integrating her expertise in behavioral studies into the field of health economics.

Prof. Vincenzo Atella

Professor of Economics

Vincenzo Atella is a Full Professor of Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and currently serves as the Head of the Department of Economics and Finance. Additionally, he holds an adjunct associate position at the Center for Health Policy at Stanford University.

Prof. Atella has extensive experience in coordinating numerous large-scale European projects and has received funding from the European Science Foundation. His recent research primarily centers on health economics, with his findings published in internationally refereed journals and books.

Prof. Federico Belotti

Associate professor
in Econometrics

Federico Belotti is an associate professor in econometrics at the university of Rome Tor Vergata.
His research interests lie in the field of applied microeconometrics, with applications in health, spatial and production economics. He specializes in panel data econometrics and enjoy coding econometric tools that may help other researchers in their work. He is the winner of the 2018 Stata Journal Editor’s Prize for outstanding contributions to the Stata community.


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