Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam is committed to a healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education. It is the largest medical center in the Netherlands, excelling in various research fields, including fundamental, clinical, public health and prevention research. In addition to scientific research, patient care and education are core tasks of Erasmus MC. It is the top referral centre for a region of about five million inhabitants. Erasmus MC is the largest medical school in the Netherlands, with over 4,000 medical students and 250 PhD graduations each year. The Core Facility Generation R runs the Generation R Programme, which is focused on life-course health and includes two population-based cohorts: Generation R (10,000 children included during pregnancy, born 2002-2006, and their parents) and Generation R Next (3500 mothers, 2500 children, born 2018-2021). Twenty departments participate in the Generation R Programme, as well as other faculties of Erasmus University and the City of Rotterdam.


Associate Professor in Biological Psychopathology

Charlotte AM Cecil, PhD, serves as an Associate Professor in Biological Psychopathology at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and is the Principal Investigator of the inDEPTH Lab located at the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands. Her research endeavors aim to deepen our understanding of the development of mental health issues during childhood and adolescence. By focusing on early risk detection strategies and the prevention of chronic mental illnesses later in life, her work seeks to enhance mental health outcomes.

A primary focus of Dr. Cecil’s research group is to explore how genetic and environmental factors, beginning in pregnancy, interact at a biological level to influence children’s development, behavior, and mental health. Their investigations particularly emphasize epigenetic mechanisms.



Janine Felix holds the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her research team focuses on unraveling the biological mechanisms that underlie the associations between early-life exposures and later health outcomes, with a particular emphasis on cardiometabolic health.

Additionally, Dr. Felix serves as the Deputy Head of the Generation R Programme, overseeing two population-based cohorts: Generation R, which comprises 10,000 children included during pregnancy and born between 2002 and 2006, along with their parents, and Generation R Next, consisting of 3,500 mothers and 2,500 children born between 2018 and 2021. In her role as Principal Investigator for Epigenetics within the Generation R Programme, she utilizes (epi-)genome-wide data alongside other ‘omics and detailed phenotypic information to gain deeper insights into these complex processes.


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