Helmholtz Munich, a member of the Helmholtz Association, Germany’s largest scientific organization, operates as a research institution under the ownership of the Federal Government of Germany and the Free State of Bavaria. Located in Munich, Germany, the Institute of Epidemiology focuses on understanding the protective and harmful effects of the environment, genes, and lifestyle on human health and disease using population-based epidemiological approaches. Their research into these interactions informs novel targeted prevention and intervention strategies for cardiometabolic diseases and allergies.

With expertise in environmental exposures and biological hallmarks of ageing, the institute has a keen interest in proteomics, cardiometabolic disease, and age-related multimorbidity. Hosting the KORA study, they implement person-centered interventions with LIVA as part of the STAGE project.


Director of the Institute of Epidemiology at Helmholtz Munich Professor of Epidemiology at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, Munich

A pioneer in identifying the link between ambient particulate matter, cardiovascular disease, and multimorbidity. Through large-scale prospective population-based cohort studies, she and her team investigate how genetic, environmental, and behavioural risk factors collectively influence health and disease.

With training in epidemiology, biology, and mathematics, she adopts an interdisciplinary approach spanning from environmental health to molecular epidemiology.
Her research is guided by the framework of eight hallmarks of environmental insults that collectively underpin the damaging impact of environmental exposures over a person’s lifespan.

These hallmarks include oxidative stress and inflammation, genomic alterations and mutations, epigenetic alterations, mitochondrial dysfunction, endocrine disruption, altered intercellular communication, altered microbiome communities, and impaired nervous system function. Annette Peters is responsible for the KORA study and holds a leading national role within the German National Cohort NAKO.


KORA Study Coordination

Birgit Linkohr oversees the study coordination and research data management within the KORA study. Working closely with the KORA Study Center, she leads the Data Management Team.

KORA is a prospective population-based adult cohort study conducted in the Region of Augsburg, Germany.
Its research primarily focuses on diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, health in old age, allergies, and the environment.


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