SRDC is an R&D-oriented SME stemming from a thriving academic spin-out of the Middle East Technical University in Turkey. Pioneering the forefront of digital health technologies and solutions, SRDC has been an early-stage innovator, making significant contributions to scientific research excellence and innovative industry applications. SRDC’s track record includes successful commercial deployments, showcasing commitment to bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and practical, real-world solutions in the field of healthcare technology. Key expertise areas encompass a spectrum of vital functions within the eHealth domain. SRDC specializes in enabling interoperability with eHealth systems, facilitating seamless communication and integration between disparate healthcare platforms. Additionally, the company excels in constructing integrated care solutions and clinical decision support systems tailored specifically for chronic disease management, empowering healthcare providers with effective tools for personalized patient care. Furthermore, SRDC possess extensive proficiency in unlocking the potential of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for secondary use in clinical research, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics tasks, thereby harnessing the wealth of data within healthcare systems to drive actionable insights and advancements in patient care delivery.
Dr. Gökçe Banu Laleci Ertürkmen
R&D Director
Gokce serves as the R&D Director and a senior researcher at SRDC. She completed her PhD study on Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring Systems based on Semantically Enriched Clinical Guidelines. Her active research areas include intelligent integrated care solutions, clinical decision support services, and the secondary use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). She has also served as the technical co-chair of the IHE QRPH domain, a standardization initiative in the field of quality reporting, secondary use of EHRs for research purposes, and the public health domain. Gokce has authored more than 90 papers in refereed international conferences and journals.

Bünyamin Sarıgül

Senior Software Developer
A Computer Engineering graduate from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey, he obtained his degree in 2016. Continuing his education, he pursued a Master’s degree in Medical Informatics at METU. Since 2016, he has been employed as a Software Developer and researcher at SRDC Corp. in Ankara, where he contributes to various European Commission health projects. His primary focus is on developing applications to offer multi-disciplinary coordinated care planning solutions for chronic disease management, while also ensuring interoperability between different healthcare systems.
Mustafa Yuksel
Principal Solutions Architect

Mustafa obtained his BSc, MSc, and PhD from the Computer Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University. His research encompasses eHealth, Interoperability, Big Data Analytics, Semantic Web, and Interoperability Testing. He has actively participated in numerous EC-supported projects, including ADLIFE, C3-Cloud, SALUS, WEB-RADR, epSOS, PALANTE, iCARDEA, iSURF, SAPHIRE, and RIDE H2020/FP7/FP6 projects.

Currently, he spearheads the development of Kroniq – Chronic Disease Management product at SRDC and oversees its implementation on a national scale in two countries. He has offered consultancy services to the Ministry of Health, Turkey, on the management of the National Health Information System, as well as to Hospital Information System vendors for their standards-based implementation and testing activities. In 2008, he completed his MSc thesis titled “Sharing Electronic Healthcare Records Across Country Borders,” followed by his PhD thesis entitled “A Semantic Interoperability Framework for Reinforcing Post Market Safety Studies” in 2013.


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