The Inter’Act research lab operates within the University of Liège, Belgium, specifically within the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Urban & Environmental Engineering. Comprised of a diverse team of researchers specializing in architectural engineering, ergonomics, architecture, design, and interior architecture, they conduct both fundamental and applied Design Research.

Their primary objective is to offer a range of models, user-centered methods, and tools aimed at fostering participation and innovation in various fields, including design, architecture, urban planning, and engineering. To address complex contemporary challenges, they employ a combination of qualitative and quantitative mixed methodologies.

The team integrates fieldwork approaches with participatory strategies to gather or generate rich data, consistently engaging local stakeholders to ensure their research is grounded in real-world environments. Drawing from human and social sciences, as well as design methodologies, they specialize in codesign tools to facilitate user participation throughout their research projects.

Dr. Clémentine Schelings


Clémentine Schelings holds a Master of Science degree in Architectural Engineering (2016) and earned her PhD in Engineering Sciences (2021) from the University of Liège in Belgium. Her doctoral thesis focused on revitalizing participatory approaches in the development of Smart Cities.

This research was conducted within the framework of an ERDF project titled “Wal-e-Cities,” aimed at enhancing citizens’ well-being in Smart Cities. Clémentine’s current research interests encompass citizen participation,
e-participation, participatory design, co-design, and user-centered design in various urban settings.

In the STAGE project, her primary role involves developing participatory approaches tailored to co-create a Healthy Ageing Atlas with older individuals themselves.

Prof. Catherine Elsen
Professor in Architectural Engineering and Ageing; Founder of Inter’Act Lab
Catherine Elsen is a Professor at the University of Liège (ULiege – Belgium), where she instructs architectural studios and teaches user-centered and participatory methods and processes to students enrolled in the architectural engineering curriculum. She earned her PhD in Engineering Sciences in 2011 (ULiege), a Master’s degree in Social Sciences in 2009 (CNAM, Paris), and a Master of Science degree in Architecture and Building Engineering in 2007 (ULiege).

Her research interests focus on design processes in architecture and industrial design, particularly examining the impact of design tools and methods on specific cognitive processes such as participation, integration of end-users’ needs, designing for well-being and ageing, and creativity.


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